Monday, 22 July 2013

Those magnificent men in their flying machines.

It's July and that means the annual pilgrimage to the vintage aircraft enthusiast paradise that is Flying Legends . So last Sunday we set off with picnic in tow for a day of all things aviation.

For those who've not been you get for your £35

The museum itself with its  hangars and exhibitions
A good 3 hours of flying  including the finale or balbo which this year had 21aircraft
A mix of stalls selling everything from books to clothing , sweets to models
Singing from the Manhattan dolls
For an extra £5 you can do the flightline walk and get up close to the participants .

So  we arrived and unpacked the car and staggered off carrying directors chairs , the picnic, cameras, enough water to float the titanic.

Given the weather  we headed for a favourite spot under the wing of one of the airliners parked on the tarmac .  Base camp established we decided to treat ourselves to a cup of tea from one of the stalls.. Tea that you needed asbestos gloves to transport.

Tea drunk I set off to explore. Just behind us was a booth selling passes to the airliners on site. 10 aircraft for a mere £2.50 a bargain.

With the occasional side trip to the stalls who can resist reference books to a pound. I managed to to tick off  9 of the 10.

Concorde was  amazing but very small inside.

The air show itself was its normal fabulous self.

We had spitfire s mixing it up with ME109. We had mustang, we had a storch and a lysander, a B17 ,  a corsair.  A Hawker Demon or Daymonne as Bernard the French commentator called it.

His melodious tones and commentary make the e show. Not everyone s cup of tea  but  he has a certain charm.

Unfortunately one of my favourites the swordfish didn't fly.

Now the air show gets several thousand attendees at least so if you want to  get away in plenty of time you need  to beat the mad rush.

So after the main program while the balbo is forming up we as normal started moving up towards the rise by the land warfare hall affectionately known as the tank bank. This strategic location gives a good view of the balbo and is strategically close to the loos for one  last pre journey trip. It also puts you in a good position for the mad dash to the car park.

All in all a good day and for once didn't get Sun burnt.

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