Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lists and monopoly challenge 2014

Lists  a r e everywhere from the 12 days of Christmas to those lists of new year resolutions you make then throw aside.

When I go back to work  tomorrow I'll have a to do list . I'll have an inbox full of emails which is its own kind of list.

My discovery of meetup started with  a local listings leaflet and I went to a list making event last year. I attended 31 events last year due to a good friends list. Check it out at ginglelistseverything.

I run a prize for my doodling at a list making event.

Over Christmas we played monopoly  and while I was being thrashed by my sister I realised that over the last year I'd been to a lot of them.

I'd done ghost bus tours from Northumberland Avenue

-Gone to a work conference at whitehall
-SHambles through Leicester Square as a zombie
-Listened to West End show songs in Leicester Square
-Seen a Show on The Strand
-Gone to s pub on Oxford Street before going out at the katzenjammer club
- Been down Fleet Street on a ghost bus
-Got off at Kings Cross to go to a Steam punk Halloween Party
Walked down Euston Road on the way to a course induction
-Notched up Regents street and Piccadilly as a Zombie
-Been to Coventry Street to see the book of Mormon.

Not bad going  11out of 28 squares without trying so I half jokingly  said I'd try and visit them all in 2014 and promptly forgot about it .

This morning with a case of cabin fever I set off for london to track down a branch of shipyards and get some Chai. I decided on a branch on the Strand and it was only because I was convinced that Charing cross was one of the stations  t hat made me think of it.

However the Strand is one  as is Trafalgar Square which I walked past as I went up towards Charing cross road as is Oxford Street which I wandered along and as my bus went along Euston Road to get to Euston station address Euston Road.

So without trying I've racked up 4  of the 28 so I think it's worth giving it a go

So 4 down 24 to go . Suggestions for the waterworks and electricity company gratefully accepted.

One red and I can start building houses . So watch out Fleet Street.


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