Saturday, 3 August 2013

We decided to whip in and pick up some chow at the old home fill er up and keep on truckin cafe -Truck Stop

     In a slight deviation to the normally advertised programming I headed out with meet up to a food themed event .  And a very pleasant diversion it was too. Truck Stop is not as you might think from the name anything to do with artery clogging fried food  to keep our truckers rolling through the night served at a tired and slightly run down service station next to a  claw machine  with a random selection of stuffed animals from last year's summer blockbusters which you need to be Derren Brown to have the slightest need to obtain.

      No Truck Stop happened in the fairly pristine location of Canary Wharf or more accurately Wood Wharf . Wood Wharf as the name implies was historically used for the storage of  timber and the repairing of ships.  This lasted until the 1970's . Currently the 20 acre site is occupied by a mix of light industrial buildings and vacant or derelict land. Plans are afoot to develop it  but apparently not until other office developments in the area are full. Thank you Wikipedia. Wikipedia entry a side the semi island was a lovely tranquil location.

The bit Truck Stop was occupying was a stretch of tarmac presumably a car park normally surrounded by some unfeasibly verdant grass.  This we found was due to some very enthusiastic gardening staff with either hoses or sprinklers.  So despite being the hottest day of the year . The grass was sodden and in some places positively marshy. Despite this it was crowded with people . Either that or we managed to pick the only spot in permanent shade which hadn't dried out.

The damp clothing was compensated for by being right next to a group called the Trouble Notes which provided a very pleasant soundtrack to our evening.

After that slight deviation into the historical and geographical the reason we were there . The trucks ,Truck Stop is a food festival where all the vendors must sell there food from a truck or van or in one case  horsebox

Now  the events iconography is unashamedly American however the undoubted hero of the event is very definitely French. The Citroen H van , you might not know the name but it's the corrugated one with the funny nose. You've got it  the stalwart of French farmers and street markets seems to have taken to the street food scene like a duck to water or a canard a l 'eau. Other vendors had converted ice cream vans and former USA army ambulances.

Which brings us to the food.. Having wandered round the whole site I decided on mother cluckers as the source of my dinner and very nice chicken burger it was too  succulent and plenty of it. . The bread could have been better. Maybe next time I'll go for the  popcorn chicken bites.

Now where the vendors have missed a trick at an event like this is people can only handle 1 or maybe 2 mains if they're very hungry. Now a nice big filling value for money meal makes sense if you're pitched up on your own or with a couple of other vendors. Ho w ever where there is so much choice tapas style nibbles would have tempted people back for  multiple bites at the street food cherry. .

On top of the chicken burger I had bbq  corn on the cob   and some of  Mama s jerk station s plantain sold from the back of a milk float. My choices mainly influenced by the small portion sizes .

Another category largely overlooked was desert fortunately Fishdog selling from what else a Citroen H van had stepped into the breech with some very tasty churros style doughnuts.  With a  very tasty salted caramel sauce that you could dip them in or quite easily have eaten up with a spoon.

A quick mention of the drink . Your online booking got you 10 truck stop dollars. Given that the ticket was 10 pound plus online booking fee you pretty much got your money back in alcohol. Beers were mostly a fiver ant the pint sized festival sized cocktails were a tenner. I decide to try my first ever mojito and very refreshing it was on a hot day.

Truck stop is definitely worth a second visit and it will be back on the  first Thursday and Friday of September.

It was a very pleasant evening and food buying finished we sat on the grass late into the evening chatting , admiring the sun glinting off canary wharf and later on the twinkling off the buildings lights , listening to the music and inhaling the stray scents of food as they drifted our way and making the most of a great summer evening.

It seemed a shame that it wasn't Friday and we had to drag ourselves back to reality and go to work the next day.

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