Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Musical Bingo

Apart from the kids song I am stumped on a song relating to bingo. Suggestions on a post card please.

Now my previous exposure to musical bingo had been at a local pub competing for a pint glass full of pound coins. So I had the basic premise you heard a song and ticked  it off your bingo card.

However I'd heard interesting things about this version that made the one I'd played seem like a pale imitation, a greying faded photo copy.

So work having finished I hopped  on the train and headed for Euston and then Old street. This was my first venture into Shoreditch proper. It turned out I was a little early and they weren't letting people  in . So I decided to wander round Shoreditch. More specifically Box park which had been recently on the Apprentice.  As the idea had been suggested as a solution to the relocation of Watford market I was particularly interested..
Now Box Park seems a very good place to find an ethically sourced , hand crafted statue of an elephant, or vintage fashion but I find it difficult to  visualise of someone buying 3 pounds of spuds from a shipping container.

Anyway back to the musical bingo. The event was at a basement basement bar Concrete and  I could not accuse them of false advertising . There was a lot of concrete and exposed ducting. It was sods law that on one of the hottest days of the year so far. I was spending the evening in a slightly damp windowless basement .

We were still a little early so we got a sneak peak at the gospel choir that was doing round 2. The decor was  sort of Italian bistro crossed with military bunker. Lots of as i mentioned before concrete and also exposed pipework.  Our table was a long plywood one with a couple of  communal benches which wouldn't have looked out of place in a soup kitchen but is probably cutting edge shabby chic.

Now the bingo rounds were themed , the three rounds were weather, religion and  music from round the world. Prizes were for one line , two lines , three lines and full house.

There was a hostess compering, whose name escapes me but apparently there are 3 on rotation who take it in turn. For each round she changed into an appropriate costume ranging from nun to holiday maker.

Musical Bingo is like the name says on the tin bingo with music what added the fun factor was what happened when you got a line especially if you drew with someone else who had a line. i cant remember all the various challenges but they included chubby bunnies, a game which consisted to stuffing more and more marshmallows into your mouth and repeating the phrase chubby bunnies. One guy in this round must have been part hamster as he managed to put away a surprising amount of marshmallows before being declared the winner. Another round consisted of two people being given lipstick and told to kiss as many people as possible.  One guy was very enthusiastic if not particularly accurate as he kissed the tops of people's heads and ears, sadly without leaving a lipstick mark. In the end it didn't make much difference as the winner was decided by the crowd yelling out if they'd been kissed

The crowd got in the spirit of it and by the end people were singing along and dancing while sitting down on their benches . The gospel choir was very good and their version of living on a prayer by Bon Jovi was well recieved amongst others. Unfortunately i had to dash off to Euston so missed one of group winning the full House on the last round and getting the grand prize of a deep fat fryer on the hottest day of the year so far!!!

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