Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Zombie Walk 12th October

Myself  and 3 intrepid companions took to the streets of London  along with 1997 other people approximately to walk from Marble Arch to Denmark Street dressed as zombies and raise some mony for St Mungos Homeless charity.

We set off from Watford Junction having rendezvoused there. Me and my friend Heken had walked as Zombies from her house. I felt a little guilty as we'd made a small child cry just by walking past him.

Although as you can see we were a fairly scary bunch

We proceeded to Marble arch gathering ? vote zombies as we went.
Marble Arch itself  was a sea of zombies of all shapes and sizes from zombie Jesus to zombie Winnie the pooh via zombie decorators and zombie  parrots.

The zombie walk is basically a long fancy dress pub crawl combined with a chance to scare the be need is out of the tourists.
While waiting for  the off our small group managed to find out what it must be like to be a celebrity.

Maybe we looked more approachable than most or maybe it was our location but we got flooded with requests to have our photo taken.
Including by a very straight laced looking Asian matriarch. Which goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

The walk itself was  between various waypoints. A waypoint was an opportunity to head for the nearest hostility . Given numbers this was a mad dash to be through the door first and to the bar before the rest of the Z o mbie swarm.

At one point our Watford Zombie cohort got pecking so when we reached Piccadilly circus we made a break for the nearest Macdonald s.

I resisted asking for brains from the server who took a mini invasion by zombies in his stride. Mainly on the principle of don't ask don't tell. Macdonald may contain things you don't want to study too closely . So why tempt fate. It was a somewhat surreal experience.

We had nt got our tickets for the after party so we  left the main horde drinking in Leicester square and made a dash to Denmark street and the intrepid fox.

To get our tickets before the main rush.

The intrepid fox has always intrigued me and the interior matches the exterior. It's a proper metallers pub.

At the pub we had a few drinks saw a live band upstairs.

We finished our zombie experience with a trip  to the church opposite  where we listened to some more live music which had several lyrics you wouldn't expect in a church but it was all for a good cause so respect to them for being flexible and open minded.

We finished the day with a trip to KFC in Leicester square another somewhat surreal experience but very satisfying after a hard days zombieing.

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