Monday, 2 December 2013

Inspired by Literary death match and a conversation on the way home from it

To the tune of Ruby don't take your love to Town

Outer greater Zone 8 London Blues

The end of the night
Is drawing near
It's the early hours in London
But it's another hour of traveling till my beds in sight
The shadow on the wall
Tells m e it's the beginning of the day
So Boris
Send the tube my way

I could of course
Go out in Watford sure
An occasional trip is fun
But London has so much more
And yes it's true
That in 2015 the tube  Will run 24 hours a day
But still the tube won't run my way.

It's hard to get home now
There's a nightbus to Stanmore
But it's still an hour's travelling and  a 20 quid taxi
Till I get to my door
It's so hard to get around
So Boris
Send the all night tube to Watford town

The last train from Euston' s heaving
And you have to sit on the floor
It's 2013 in the nation's capital
A 2am last train is poor
And if I could move I'd leave zone 8
Somewhere with a24hr tube line would be great
So Boris
Send the tube my way
Even watford 's own nightbus
Woul d  really make my day

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