Monday, 21 October 2013

Katzenjammer Saturday 19th October 2013

So Katzenjammer was a little bit of a late decision to attend as I had a family do int the daytime and didnt know if I would be able to make it or not. Fortunately the family do turned out to be at lunchtime although it was in Wokingham so timing was always going to be a bit tight.I barely made the 8:03 from Watford with seconds to spare . Now those of you who have met me out and about know that i have a slight flamboyant trending towards exhibitionist streak alongside a bit of a creative side. Because I find it hard to find stuff my size fr fancy dress I tend to have to improvise.  This time I decided to sortie with my yellow Blazer (former labcoat died yellow  with trim added from a very fetching scalloped blue underwear elastic.) I have recently been experimenting with dying stuff in a quest to create a redcoat uniform for White Mischief . The results of that were shall we say interesting if not sucessful.  I decided to try some machine die with the aim of turning a white  labcoat yellow . Think Hi de hi  which was my intention. Although i now need to find a 1960s styled event to wear it to . Also I may wear it for school disco in December as   a "blazer". If you want to stand out in a crowd how do you manage it when everyones in "uniform"  Wear bright yellow is  the answer.

Anyway on to the event . Apartment 58 was a nice little bar the emphasis on little. There may well be appartment's of a similar size. The event wasn't bad to be honest. It was the launch night and the first time the venue had done something of this kind. There was nothing wrong with the content at all. It was interesting and varied what it wasn't always was visible. I missed at least one act queuing for a drink and abandoned my place at the bar to see another act , which meant i'd wasted half an hour of queueing time.

The best thing about the event by far was the music because by the time it played the crowd had thinned and the staff cleared the floor somewhat. The venue was billed as multi floor which was technically true. In that there was a basement with the toilets and cloakroom and a balcony which was restricted to a private party who oversaw the proceedings like a drunken Statler and Waldorf.

From a personal point of view it was a mixed evening. Nothing to do with the entertainment. A young lady  expressed an  interest in me  which hasn't happened when out and about since I was at university while i was dressed as a crayon. (don't ask I was in a sports team we did these things,although it may explain my slight fetish (who am i kidding large fetish for fancy dress) ) Then I was a perfect gentlemen  and didn't even try and give Sarah  the young lady even a good night kiss (something I regretted as there was looking back there was an opportunity) although we did go on a few dates that didn't go anywhere.  At Katzenjammer I think i may have swung much a bit too far in the opposite direction in terms shall we say public displays of affection. Fortunately a good friend stopped me from doing anything I would regret. The young lady in question (actually she was probably at least my age but i'm in denial about my age) was being very affectionate but I suspect her level of alcohol consumption meant anyone male would do which I observed later in the evening. So the evening was  bittersweet, leaving me frustrated, confused , feeling a bit guilty and more than a little relieved. It would to be nice to think that the young lady would have liked something long term but i suspect she was just out to scratch an itch which left me also feeling slightly used. Oh well you can but chalk it up to experience. Sometimes it does feel like I'm doing a lot of the thing this year I should have done when I was 18.

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