Saturday, 8 February 2014


Ahh Valentine's day approaches. The time of year where shops and restaurants everywhere conspire. Even the group on holiday offers are mostly for 2. Sometimes I feel I am doomed to be permanently single .I am getting ever closer to becoming catman that most tragic of super heroes.

At 35  I am probably closer to death than birth.  How can I find someone to share this wonderful thing called life with.

I am working  on  losing weight but even if  looked like Leonardo de caption I'd still need  need confidence . The belief in myself to make that connection.

For years I gave up on the idea of ever finding someone . I automatically friend zoned every female I met  . If a female  we're to be interested shed need to make her intentions clear with the equivalent of a large flashing Sig to get through the filter that goes me she couldn't possibly want anything to do with me.

The first 2 people ever to kiss me did it for a dare and even now the women who approach me in nightspot are either doing it for a dare. There is a lot of pointing and whispering with their friends until one of them saunters over or so drunk that their friends decide they need rescuing rather than talk to me.Dancing with someone  and having them removed from Your vicinity and in one case the building is a wee bit of a blow to the ego.

I honestly don't know what to do about my confidence. Every week I go to ceroc class and worry if someone might want to dance with me and this for purely platonic reasons

As for internet dating  let's just say I have had lots of first dates but not many second and as of yet no 3rd

How do I switch off or overcome the voice that tells me   not even to try as there's no point

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  1. God's of fate are twisted SOB' s really they are .But in a good way. It's been a funny weekend.