Monday, 23 September 2013

A life on the Ocean Wave - International Talk Like a Pirate Day at Bar & Co

This was a very pleasant evening that could have been a great one.

First the negatives , despite being in Time Out only a couple of dozen people attended by the time I left. Secondly the first DJ who was one of the DJ 's who plays want they want despite requests and had decided that 3am chill out music was the way to fill the dance floor. Given that she'd had  a couple of dozen people to work with  and they were making requests it should have been easy . Give people what they've requested and people are going to dance .
Thirdly at a very  early part of the evening I recieved a it's not me it's you text from someone I thought I'd had reasonable chance of establishing a relationship and previously had chemistry with. Not really helped the fact that it was very practical if not tactful and was along the lines of "it's mostly you." This meant that the night would have to have had free rum and real mermaids to cheer me up and allow me to have a good time. However the company was pleasant and the second DJ took my request and played Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi a song guaranteed to cheer me up   and get me on the dance floor. (pirate boots are very good for pivoting and heel tapping by the way )  Other song guranteed to have the same effect are "wake me up me up before you go go " by Wham and  "Don't stop me now" by Queen  what can i say I'm a child of the 80's .

Anyway the evening was partially saved by the company very pleasant and fun and we must have made a fine sight travelling in convoy in costume from Euston. We chatted with some of the other attendees . One who i met as a Gypsy at Dark Circus two nights later. It's  a small world. The stunning views and the location a genuine converted sailing ship of some kind possibly a large sailing barge.

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