Saturday, 29 June 2013

Like a tiger defying the laws of Gravity

Friday 29th June was a funny old day . It was my last day in my old job . I had been doing the same or similar for 7 years so it will be and odd feeling on Monday. I'm still in the same company but in a different floor and department.  I think it will be fine once i establish a new routine.It will just be weird going from an expert in what i do to the new boy again.

Anyway back to the Tigers. Last night was my  second trip to Zoo Lates at London Zoo.  It reinforced my opinion that the only way to see it all is to treat it like a commando style operation . Set yourselves objectives and then charge round  avoiding any feeding times as they draw the crowds.  I suspect that their is probably a similar issue in the daytime but with more pushchairs.

It's a fun night but more about the craic than the animals unless you're particularly dedicated.

The highlight animal of the night was for me the Giant Anteater. Not sure why maybe it was the amazing tail , the unique look or the fact that they generally sleep 18 hours a day. Or the fact they curl up to look like a rock when asleep .

One of the Sumatran Tigers at the Zoo likes Old Spice according to the keeper on the tannoy. You do have to winder how this information was ascertained. Do aftershave manufactures hold animal focus groups . Do bored zoo staff test out various scents . 9 out of 10 tigers prefer old spice to CK 1  perhaps

London Zoo is obviously upgrading some of it faculties and all for the better . Penguin Beach (surely the name of  a really bad  daytime soap) is  so much better than the 70's style  white concrete  former penguin enclosure .  Which looks rather folorn  in it's empty state.

The vibe is  how i imagine the outskirts of a music festival . Lots of people in fancy dress wandring round in onesies and animal parephernalia  and facepaint.

Their was face painting on site  but either the people doing it are incredibly speedy and also from the ones i saw fairly talented or given that doors open at 6 and things wind down around 9 there were 100's of people in offices all round London hunched over the sink in the office bathroom with a printout from the internet and their starter set of Snazoo facepaint about 5 o'clock.

Given the proliferation of onesies and the signs on various  enclosures forbidding  any one in animal themed costume you do have to wonder if those who did dress up  were forced to wander from bar to food court  and back again  via the few animals who weren't traumatised by the site of people in all encompassing bright orange and yellow overalls. Which is basically what they are.

Although in te Monkey work round area the sign had obviously been ignored as there were loads of people in costume wandering through. It makes you wonder whether annoyed staff are secretly smiling waiting for someone  to be swarmed over by a monkey while dressed as a dragon. More cynically given the amount they must be making from animal ears, headbands ,tails  facepainting  ,masks etc. Maybe management dont enforce it as much as they should.

On a slight tangent this kind of thing is ripe for a film  to be made from it.  Either some kind of comedy  Night at the Zoo type thing or a Horror film  Late at the Zoo where a disgruntled  employee releases the animals to run amok.

"Carol from Swansea was warned not to wear her my little pony onesie into the tiger enclosure ..She didn't listen now she's tiger chow....."

Anyway it was a good night and for me only part one. I have turned into a meet up slut somewhat  and having booked Zoo Lates sometime ago to see a clash with our Local 70's when the meet up came through some weeks later was annoying .

However with the animals  going to bed at 10 and drinks at 9 for Disco inferno I thought If i left about 8.30 I could do both.

Unfortunately  being distracted by the animals and the company I didn't get away till later than planned.

However being more of a dancer than a drinker I did manager to catch up with my friends only 15 minutes after they enetered the Watford Colisseum a 1939 Assembly hall , recently refurnbished.

Now fortunately the London Zoo security check is looking for alcohol  and could be done by just feeling my bag so I didn't have to explain the Blonde rocker wig, waistcoat, purple sparkly shirt or white trousers with leopard print stripes.

As the previous time i'd been there I'd had my black Rabbit outfit ready for rumpus in my bag its very good that they could tell through the bag that i was alcohol free.

Anyway off i dashed down the Northern line and managed to get the semi fast down to Watford . Even better It wasn't one of the  very open long tubes that midland mainline run which meant that I could find a tran toilet to slip into at least the trousers of my outfit.  Stood up in a deserted First Class  I could slip on the shirt and waistcoat over  my teeshirt.

Ahh the Glamour of it.

Anyway caught up with my Friends at Disco Inferno. I think numbers were down on last time  as the place didnt seem as busy. In my old age I appreciate venues like the Colisseum . The main hall is vast and is basically all dance floor and therefore gives plenty of room for proper dancing  with twirly bits.  The costume seemed to go down well and  i was summoned to the stage to start the Love Train round the hall although two ladies  decided they wanted to be in front and who was I to argue.

It was a good night a little bit cheesy , lots of fun, brilliant company , great fun , some good tunes and an opportunity for fancy dress and proper dancing . Which is a great combination as both are when I'm at my most confident so the combination of the 2 is a killer . If only they allowed fancy dress and dancing in job interviews oh well one can but dream.

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