Sunday, 23 June 2013

Soundtracks Night The Monarch

So last night I went to an evening playing Soundtracks . It sounded different and I was looking forward to it but I  left slightly disappointed. I think some was down to me more than the evening.

I go there early as I'd come from another event, the others who were meeting us came in towards  9 so we had a good 45 minute wait for them to turn up and the numbers were well down on who we were expecting but i don't think that was the problem .It might have been better with more people but its difficult to tell I met some nice people and had some interesting conversations. I think deep down was the twofold. Firstly music from soundtracks could be anything pretty much and unless you play music unique to  show it could be any evening with a fairly eclectic playlist. Unless you're playing i dont know the theme to the A Team or getting people to waltz to the music from Allo, Allo  it's could be a generic evening . The other issue I think is the venue .

 I think over time my tastes have changed I either like somewhere where I can have a good chat or a good boogie . The problem is with bars with music you can't really do either. I know i'm sounding old but I'm not a 20 something anymore so i guess i appreciate different things.

 I think it might be that recently when I've gone out we've met up at a bar beforehand and that has meant people get there earlier and then you get a chance to get to know people and then you move on to somewhere else for the fun and dancing . This is  a system that works well and I didn't realise how well it worked until the format of the evening changed slightly. The meet up in the bar before gives you a chance to bond with the group you're with and then have a good time when you move on, it introduces a group dynamic for the rest of the night which is important for Meet Up's

The Monarch was fine till around 10.30 the dance floor was slowly filling up and there was room to move about and strut your stuff. Then whoosh the place filled up as if they were bussing them in  and within 5 minutes you couldn't get to the bar and if you were lucky you could have probably done small fish, tiny fish, box from a terry's chocolate orange if you were very careful. The background levels went up so it wasn't easy to have a chat either.

If it comes up again I might give it another go but I'd either get their later or hope people got their earlier. Living out in Outer Northern Greater London trade mark pending I need to leave early or stay out till the next day so if people dont get together till 10 it doesn't really work.

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