Sunday, 23 June 2013


Lists are wonderful things

Here are a few songs that deal with lists

Museum song Barnum

Periodic table song by Tom Lehrer

Musical Theatre song for all you musical  lovers a list of shows to the tune of Getting married today from Company. Basically a Musical theatre bucket list

We all have lists in our lives from the essential : Shopping Lists , the boring : work list of tasks to do, the chronological : diaries , to the fun ; bucket lists,and the inspirational New Years resolutions

Now when i started on my journey , another cliche, if i put one in every post the cliche will itself become a cliche which will be post modernist or ironic or something. At least in the journey through life no one is constantly asking "are we nearly there yet".
Anyway I digress, when i started off I didnt really have a list of things,maybe a few broad brushstrokes  of things I wanted to achieve , lose some weight, get out more, take up dancing , find a significant other, which would be linked to the first 3. I have also added a few things on the way such as setting out to learn to drive.

Of the more specif items I knew I wanted to do was to go to Blitz Party and go to Rollerdisco more of those later.

I think I'll kick off my list of adventures (see they creep in more than you think) with something fairly unique

A List making evening at Foyles. A list making evening I hear you cry tell us more -

This is the official blurb

Do you have a penchant for making lists? You're not alone. Lists write the future and chronicle the past, and they provide order to the chaos in this world. But most of all, making lists is seriously fun!
Join American presenter Jess Indeedy of Musical Bingo fame for London's new list-making night at I Love Lists! You'll define what you love and loathe, and you'll learn interesting facts about yourself and your friends. The night concludes with an awards ceremony for your listing skills.

Didn't know what to expect  but I arrived early and having resisted buying any books a wise decision as it  turned out watched as they set up for the night.

Near the entrance to Foyles Cafe  they had a table with a selection of exercise books in different colours that took me right back to school. The different colours had different types of paper . From graph paper through European type exercise books to your standard ones with margins.

So i settled down with my exercise book and a cup of tea and waited for the rest of the team to arrive. Although team was as it turns out a bit of a misnomer as it was non competitive evening.

Anyway the rules of the evening were as follows . The very pleasant American Compere would read out a subject and you would write down a list based on that subject  ie: things you'd like to see at Festival if you had unlimited budget or aspiratons, or things that made you smile. After each round people were asked to share items from their lists if they wanted to

There were prizes for the best share , penmanship and doodle.

Some of the lists were fun , some were thought provoking and made you think more deeply.  It was a fun way to pass an evening doing something different.

There was also a DJ that was the comperes boyfriend that played some nice music, It was very pleasant but i am dammed if i can remember any of it.

ome of it was inspired by our list of top 10 songs we like i think.

The evening ran a little long and Foyles were due to shut at 9 so I was convinced that the prize would be skipped over as we ran out of time.

However the compere and her assistants had obviously been circulating in the interval and I got a little  suprise when I was selected for best doodle for my doodle, which was of a band made up entirely  of animals and fronted by a Rocker Owl

I got a cake decorating set and a 10 pound voucher

We then all retired to the pub.

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